Row Boat Salad Bowl

Row row row your lettuce gently down the balsamic….ok that didn’t really go, but neither does this row boat. The Row Boat Salad Bowl holds your salad in a lighthearted style with it’s silver plated boat and sheesham wooden serving utensils. Buy it here

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Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl

Great for your next garden party or to serve a bunch of constructions workers, the Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl comes with appropriately shaped serving utensils. It’s silver plated and the sheesham wood wheel really rolls, making it easier to pass the bowl around. Dig in! Buy it here

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Killer Ring

The Killer Ring by Tobias Wong and Philipp Mohr has the jewel facing outwards for your own protection. Available in limited editions in silver or gold. Buy it here ($109 for silver, $850 for gold)