Brush Vase

Great for your art supplies or even flowers for an artist. The Brush Vase looks like a pile of paint brushes and was designed by noted interior designer Harry Allen. It’s made of resin and marble. Available in chrome and white, it stands about 12 inches tall. Includes a glass insert to hold …

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Owl Peephole Sticker

Add a touch of design to your door with a removable Owl Peephole Sticker. A cut-out in one of the owl’s eyes provides a spot for the peephole. Buy it here ($9.99).

Keith Haring Chairs

Fantastic Keith Haring inspired chairs by Vilac. Colorful graphics on these wooden chairs appeal to kids of all ages. Available in pink, orange, yellow, green and light blue. Buy them here ($164).

Banksy Style Wall Sticker

Since you probably can’t afford to have the famed graffiti artist Banksy come to your house and paint a mural on your wall, these Banksy-style Sweeping Maid Wall Stickers will have to do. Made of high grade low-tac self adhesive vinyl rolls measuring 130cm x 61cm or approx 51″x24″. Buy it here

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Mood Bulbs

Painted light bulbs that beam an instant mural at the flip of a switch. California artist Felicia Renaud painted these build with a heat resistant and non-toxic glaze. Buy it here.

Eames House Blocks

Recreation of the famous Case Study No. 8 house makes not only a great educational kid’s toy but a stylish conversation piece for adults. Comes with 36 Alphabet Blocks (20 for the house, 16 for the studio) made of Michigan-grown basswood. Buy them read more on Eames House Blocks…