Geo Birdhouse

Ultra modern and unique design for the Geo Birdhouse by Kelly Lamb. Similar to Buckminster Fuller’s famed geodesic domes, the round birdhouse will attract many types of birds to your yard. Made of ceramic with a door to open for cleaning. Measures about 8 inches across. Buy it here

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Ghost Salt and Pepper Shakers

Spooooooky salt and pepper shaker set shaped like ghosts. Off-center cork stoppers for refilling give them a comically playful look. Made of ceramic. Buy them here. ($20)

Chinese Hat Fruit Bowl

Tabletop fruit bowl inspired by a Chinese pointed hat. Made of glossy white ceramic, designed by Natalie Mao. Buy it here ($235).

Use This Toothbrush Holder

This ceramic toothbrush holder has a pretty straightforward message- use me and I will break your arm. Because there’s nothing worse than some random houseguest or roommate using your toothbrush. Not cool at all. Buy it read more on Use This Toothbrush Holder…

Lucky Strike Bowling Pin Container

Store your stuff in this elegant bowling pin shaped container. Made of ceramic with elk and laurel detailing. Great for bowling fans. Buy it here ($68).

Tank Pencil Sharpener

Take on some friendly fire. This Friendly Tank, made of ceramics is a handsome pencil sharpen for your desk. The pencil is after all mightier than the sword. Buy it here ($39).