Retro Alarm Clock

Wake up with a sort of Space Age classic Sci-fi style with the Retro Alarm Clock. Features progressive alarm and snooze. Runs on batteries. Buy it at Amazon.

Day Tripper 8mm Camera

The Day Tripper 8mm Camera only looks like a brightly colored retro camera but it’s actually a compact digital camera. It can record stills or video onto an SD card. Imported from Japan. You’ll have to manually make that “8mm sound” with your mouth to get the full retro feel. Buy it read more on Day Tripper 8mm Camera…

Coca Cola Vending Machine Salt and Pepper Shakers

Perfect for any Coca-Cola fan or 1950’s diner style decor, these little Coke vending machines are actually a salt and pepper shaker set. Cute retro design and it doesn’t cost a dime to get your seasoning. Buy it here

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Salty Pixels

8 bit hourglass salt shaker. Just like the old days. Wait for it. WIndows is shutting down….. Part of your geeky breakfast. Available here (soon).

Boombox Pillow Set

Kick it old school 80s style with the Boombox Pillow Set. Totally groovy set of 3 microfiber pillows filled with polyester fibers. Buy it at Meninos. ($84.99)