Coca Cola Vending Machine Salt and Pepper Shakers

Perfect for any Coca-Cola fan or 1950’s diner style decor, these little Coke vending machines are actually a salt and pepper shaker set. Cute retro design and it doesn’t cost a dime to get your seasoning. Buy it here

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Salt Pepper Soy Stackables

Pebble shaped stackable set has an open bottom container for soy or other dipping sauces and two rounded pebble shaped shakers that stack on top for salt and pepper. Very zen-like accessories made of porcelain for your tabletop. Buy it here.

Salty Pixels

8 bit hourglass salt shaker. Just like the old days. Wait for it. WIndows is shutting down….. Part of your geeky breakfast. Available here (soon).

Salt Shaker Snowglobe

Eiffel Tower snowglobe is actually a salt dispenser. Buy it here.