Moby Stapler

Thar’ she blows! This whale shaped stapler is appropriately named the Moby Stapler. It’s head even flips open to store extra staples- which almost makes it more of a Jonah Stapler if you asked me. Oh you didn’t? Staple away. Buy it here.

Crab Fan

Fun way to to keep cool! This charming crab shaped fan fits in with any decor- vanity, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Weighs 5lbs and measures 18″ x 13″. Buy it here.

Shark Lamp

We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Shark Lamp from Mukomelov Studio for the Next Home Collection. This indoor/outdoor lamp goes onsale sometime in 2012.

Whale Tissue Holder

Thar she blows (her nose). Handmade wooden whale tissue holder. Comes in a variety of bathroom matching colors complete with tissue releasing blowhole.