Wood Cube Alarm Clock

Modern minimalist wooden block cube. When you clap your hands the time is displayed in a red LED. Measures 2.375″ cubed and comes in either light or dark wood. Buy it here. ($39, free shipping)

Bird Clock

Ahhh, springtime and the sounds of birds chirping. Better than waking up to a lawnmower. Wake up calmly with this Bird Alarm Clark. It’s a digital alarm clock in the shape of a bird. Turn it around and it looks like a simple wooden bird sculpture on your nightstand. Elegant and functional. Buy …

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Sandalwood Watch

This gentleman’s watch has a strap and face made out of lightweight sandalwood. Each watch has a unique grain-pattern and subtle color differences in the hand cup wooden parts. Sandalwood is known for it’s aromatic scent. Watch is powered by Miyota quartz movement for accuracy. Buy it here

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Quack Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser is all it’s quacked up to be. While it might get confusing if someone asks you for “duck tape”, you’ll figure it out. The sound of Scotch Tape being unrolled does sort of sound like a duck. Made of rubber wood. Buy it read more on Quack Tape Dispenser…

Hippo Teether

Solid maple teething toy shaped like a lovable hippo is great for babies to grab, hold and nibble on. Unfinished wood is sanded smooth to make it safe for babies. Measures 3″ x 2½” x 1½”. Buy it here ($14).

Keith Haring Chairs

Fantastic Keith Haring inspired chairs by Vilac. Colorful graphics on these wooden chairs appeal to kids of all ages. Available in pink, orange, yellow, green and light blue. Buy them here ($164).