Pantone Paint Chips Pillow

Double sided pillow modeled after the Pantone Paint Chips. One side is yellow, the reverse is black. Measures 15.7″ square and is made of a polyester fiber filled microfiber fabric. Buy it at Meninos ($29.99)

Pantone iPhone Case

Special edition iPhone 4/4S case with a back based on the famed Pantone paint chips. Choice of six bright fun colors. Made of a hard shell plastic to protect your iPhone. Buy it here ($35).

Pantone Folding Chairs

Colorful portable seating option lets you match your chairs up perfectly to your paint colors (assuming you’ve painted your walls one of the ten Pantone colors these chairs come in). One way or the other, it’s a bright addition and a change from the normally boring folding chair. Buy it read more on Pantone Folding Chairs…

Pantone Toothbrush Set

Paintbrush, toothbrush- it’s all just brushes, right? Add a splash of color to your bathroom with a set of 5 Pantone color chip toothbrushes. Buy the set here.