Be Yourself Mirror

Mirror from Instill with an inspiring mesaage on the face: Be Yourself; live life with no regrets. Definitely a great way to get ready to face the world each day. Measures 18″W x 12″D x 0.75″H. Buy it read more on Be Yourself Mirror…

Sunglasses Mirror

Everyone looks cooler in sunglasses and with the Looking Good mirror, you’ll always see yourself in sunglasses and therefore you will always be cool. Or something like that. This 3 foot wide mirror has that classic sunglasses style. Buy it here (approx. $320).

Rustic Mirror With Paddles And Fishing Theme

Rustic country style mirror has boat paddles flanking either side and a fishing theme. Charming with a slight bit of kitsch to it. Great nautical inspired decor item. Measures 11.25″ wide x 16″ tall. Buy it read more on Rustic Mirror With Paddles And Fishing Theme…

Sicis Cielo Mirror

Heart shaped mirror with three dimensional insert. More info here.

Skull Mosaic Mirror

Mirrored skull mosaic is 15″ tall and adds a tough guy dimension to any room. Cool. Buy it at Uma.

Surveillance Camera Mirror

This closed circuit camera has been repurposed as a mirror. Great for the spy’s bathroom or the paranoid person. Comes in cream, white, red, black and orange. Buy it here.