Gepetto Pencil Sharpener

Technically this should probably be called the Pinocchio pencil sharpener but you get the point. The pencil is the nose and the less you lie, the shorter it gets or something like that. Very cute. But it here ($11.99).

Hollow Accessory Tray

This desk organizer has pre-shaped cutouts to hold all your accessories in a neat and orderly fashion. A modern take on the classic dresser-top organizer. Available in three different colors. Imported from Japan. Buy it here

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Barn Dog House

Massive dog house that looks like a barn with a porch. Features a window, removable roof, raised floor and porch. Made of fir wood. Buy it here. ($419.98)

Stacked Plywood Bowls

Rectangular stacked plywood bowls from Atlanta’s Shiner International. Made of birch plywood and lacquer. 16½”l x 10”w x 5½”h. Buy it here (no price listed).

Motz Wooden Pet Speaker

Small dog-shaped speaker for your iPod by Motz. Uses a built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery for power. These external speakers have 5 hours of power per charge. Buy them read more on Motz Wooden Pet Speaker…

Robot Voice Recorders

Handmade wooden voice recorder robots with knobs from Richard Upchurch. The knob controls the pitch, the red button is for record and the black is playback. Holds only 30 seconds of recording which makes it more of a toy and art object than a serious voice recorder. Buy them here. …

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