Battleship Ice Cube Tray

You sank my battleship! Designed by Jan Habraken, this fun silicone ice cube tray is guaranteed to be a hit at any party. Soft and flexible to allow easy ice cube removal, it’s also dishwasher safe. Buy it at read more on Battleship Ice Cube Tray…

Row Boat Salad Bowl

Row row row your lettuce gently down the balsamic….ok that didn’t really go, but neither does this row boat. The Row Boat Salad Bowl holds your salad in a lighthearted style with it’s silver plated boat and sheesham wooden serving utensils. Buy it here

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Gondola Spoon Rest

Keep your counters dry and yourself smiling with the Koziol Luigi Red Spoonrest in a Gondola. Luigi needs your spoon to paddle his boat, won’t you help him? Buy it here