Pocket Penpals

If you’re going to put your pens in your shirt pocket you might as well make them a bit whimsical with Pocket Penpals. These pens have faces drawn on them. Comes in a set of three: Red Devil, White Knight and Black John Doh for $14.99 read more on Pocket Penpals…

Gepetto Pencil Sharpener

Technically this should probably be called the Pinocchio pencil sharpener but you get the point. The pencil is the nose and the less you lie, the shorter it gets or something like that. Very cute. But it here ($11.99).

Broccoli Card Holder

Get your vegetables on with a Broccoli Card Holder. This business card holder resembles the healthy green food when viewed from the side. Designed by Akimi Shinoda, it’s made of PVC sheets and metal components. Buy it here ($24).

Moonbird Desk Lamp

Moonbird is a luxurious desk lamp designed by Yukio Hashimoto. Made of lacquered plywood, the lamp has a gorgeous curved form and emits a warm light from it’s LED bulb. Buy it here.

Mondrian Dry Erase Board

Leave messages the artistic way with a Mondrian inspired dry erase board. Includes dry erase marker, 3M double sided tape and magnets for mounting. 16 x16″. Buy one Amazon.

Dog Stapler

Red dog stapler is definitely the most canine of all staplers. Won’t bark. Uses standard sized staples. Buy it here.