Marimo Moss Ball Point Pen

Bring some life into your writing. It has to be something special to catch our attention for a ball point pen and the Marimo Moss Ball Point Pen certainly is. Designed by Melissa Boyle, this pen has a little clear sphere on top with real moss growing inside it. You do have to …

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Verbatim Design Mouse

A refreshing change from the standard solid color desktop mouse, the Verbatim Design Mouse adds an intriguing swirly design to an optical wireless mouse. Available in burnt orange, purple, red, blue and graphite. Mac and PC compatible. Buy it here.

Pen Zen

Store multiple size pens and other writing tools securely with Pen Zen. It uses rubber inserts to stretch to fit the size of the objects it’s holding. Made of bamboo, it has a hidden magnet inside to keep paperclips and small metal objects attached to the sides. Crowdsourced design. Buy it here

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Orange Tape Dispenser

Add a splash of color and design to your desk. This tape dispenser was created by UK designer Michael Sodeau and is made of ABS plastic with a weighted rubber baseplate. Buy it here ($39).

Pocket Penpals

If you’re going to put your pens in your shirt pocket you might as well make them a bit whimsical with Pocket Penpals. These pens have faces drawn on them. Comes in a set of three: Red Devil, White Knight and Black John Doh for $14.99 read more on Pocket Penpals…

Gepetto Pencil Sharpener

Technically this should probably be called the Pinocchio pencil sharpener but you get the point. The pencil is the nose and the less you lie, the shorter it gets or something like that. Very cute. But it here ($11.99).