Nail Door Stopper

It’s the door stopper that looks like a giant nail has wedged itself under your door. Made of ABS plastic and rubber. Great for the handyman, workshops, kids rooms, or anyone that really nails it. Measures about 5 inchs long and comes in black or blue. Buy it here

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Orange Tape Dispenser

Add a splash of color and design to your desk. This tape dispenser was created by UK designer Michael Sodeau and is made of ABS plastic with a weighted rubber baseplate. Buy it here ($39).

NLC Pendant Lamp

Designed by “buro fur form” the NLC hanging pendant lamp is some sort of cross between the snake-haired Medusa and a treetop. Lights are held behind white covers and can be used with dimmable LEDs. Made of ABS thermoplastic. Available in black or white. Buy it here

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