Japanese Manga Plates

Eat your food like you’re in a Japanese comic book with these Manga Plates. Bright graphics turn any meal into a super meal. Buy them here.

Bormioli-Rocco Sorgente Glasses

These Bormioli-Rocco Sorgente Glasses have an appealing irregular shape that sets them apart from standard straight glasses. Made of glass with a wide thick base to keep them firmly planted on the table. A definite head turner as far as glasses go. Buy it read more on Bormioli-Rocco Sorgente Glasses…


Scoop up your pasta with a roar with the Pastasaurus. It has an ergonomic handle (rooargonomic) and pasta snaring teeth. Prehistorically cute and useful too. Dishwasher safe. Buy it here.

Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl

Great for your next garden party or to serve a bunch of constructions workers, the Wheelbarrow Salad Bowl comes with appropriately shaped serving utensils. It’s silver plated and the sheesham wood wheel really rolls, making it easier to pass the bowl around. Dig in! Buy it here

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Salt Pepper Soy Stackables

Pebble shaped stackable set has an open bottom container for soy or other dipping sauces and two rounded pebble shaped shakers that stack on top for salt and pepper. Very zen-like accessories made of porcelain for your tabletop. Buy it here.

Crown Dishes

These sand cast ceramic over aluminum bowls have a resemblance to a royal crown, except without all the fancy jewels and the King or Queen sitting underneath it. They also sort of look like a drop of water splashing. Available in purple or poppy colors. 6″ diameter. Buy it here

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