Little Big Time Wall Clock

The Little Big Time Wall Clock has oversized hands and no face. It’s a minimalist aluminum design but it makes a bold statement. Measures 20.8″ in diameter. You could even add your own clock face on your walls, changing it at your whim. Buy it read more on Little Big Time Wall Clock…

Butterflies Pop Out Clock

Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future. This dreamy clock features a pair of escaping butterflies leaving the formality of the modern clock behind. The butterflies attach to your wall with an adhesive backing. Buy it here ($70).

Umbrella Desk Clock

This umbrella may not keep you dry in the rain (unless you are very very small, like maybe Smurf-size) but it will give you the time. The Umbrella Desk Clock has an attractive rainbow design and measures about 7″ square. The weather obsessed will love this one. Buy it here

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Swallow Clock

Gorgeous white Swallow Clock from designer Haoshi Design. Handmade from resin, the wall clock features a dozen swallows in various stages of flight. The swallow is a symbol of luck and hope. Measures about 2 feet diameter. Comes with a paper stencil to align the birds. Buy it here

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Animal Clocks

Fun animal clocks designed by Kerri Lee-Sensiba tell the time on their bellies. Your choice of cute pink bunny or time-telling blue monkey, each clock is hand painted for that warm touch. Buy it here ($46).

Tree Owl Clock

This charming red owl in a hollow tree is wise indeed. This clock was designed by Paul Ocepek and features a 3D owl, laser cut from birch plywood and then printed with water-based non-toxic inks. Measures 11.5″ W x 11.5″ H x 1″ D. Buy it here

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