Birdie Wall Hooks

Birdie shaped wall hooks from Umbra. A magnet under the beak can hold your keys and the beaks themselves can hold notes. Nickel finish. Designed by Alan Wisniewski. Comes in a set of three. Buy them read more on Birdie Wall Hooks…

Hollow Accessory Tray

This desk organizer has pre-shaped cutouts to hold all your accessories in a neat and orderly fashion. A modern take on the classic dresser-top organizer. Available in three different colors. Imported from Japan. Buy it here

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U-Board Keyboard Stand USB Hub

Clear stand that hovers over your keyboard and allows you put items on top for easy access. One side has a 3 port USB hub to connect your devices to your computer and the other has a cupholder. Buy it here ($49.95).

Broccoli Card Holder

Get your vegetables on with a Broccoli Card Holder. This business card holder resembles the healthy green food when viewed from the side. Designed by Akimi Shinoda, it’s made of PVC sheets and metal components. Buy it here ($24).

Bow Bin

Designed by Cordula Kehrer the Bow Bin is a combination of sustainably harvested rattan and reclaimed plastic baskets to make a surprisingly charming garbage can or storage basket. Measures about 10″ by 10″ by 10″. Buy it here ($36).

Ovetto Recycling Bin

The Ovetto is probably the world’s most stylish recycling bin. Multi-compartment design lets you easily separates your glass from plastics from paper. Designed by Gianluca Soldi, it’s meant to evoke the shape of an egg. Comes in multiple colors with separate compartment panel colors to create a palette that fits your decor. Buy …

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